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Mission Statement:
Smart Bear Learning is a quality child care provider that promotes a safe, nurturing environment for children. We strive for children to develop a positive self image and to grow through a variety of social, emotional, physical, and intellectual experiences. At Smart Bear Learning, children will have fun with a great learning experience.


Smart Bear Learning’s Philosophy:
We believe that the care of your child is the single most important consideration when you work outside the home. You should feel at ease and confident about the place where your child spends their day. Daily interaction with the loving, caring people who work at Smart Bear Learning can positively influence your child’s future. We strive to meet the physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth of each individual child in a caring and supportive atmosphere. At Smart Bear Learning, we maintain the highest standards of technology, security and safety for your child. Starting a partnership with Smart Bear Learning will ensure that his or her first steps toward earlier childhood development will lead to a lifetime of positive achievement.





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